I'm Paul Brophy, and I'm an experienced digital designer creating wonderfully intuitive user interfaces.

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Working with
Website redesign

From the outset it was important that the site should be administered by the team at LHC with full control of the page layout. The team had also accumulated a bank of beautiful imagery from each project they'd worked on, which needed to be brought to the forefront.

Working together with the graphic design department at LHC, we took influence from the existing offline collateral to redesign the existing static website into a more on-brand and manageable content management system. Our approach was to create individual modules that could be used to build up pages within the content management system. This would allow the graphic designers at LHC to apply their own knowledge to the web platform without being hindered by code.

A responsive approach

As well as being modular in design it was important that the text was able to read well on smaller devices, the images to still be sharp and descriptive, and also to keep page loading times down.

Typography & Colours

The typographic scheme for the redesigned site was heavily informed by the existing offline type, but involved cutting down the number of weights used to save on bandwidth.

More projects on the way soon...